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Hello, I specialize in working with Cancer and A.I. and Chemically Sensitive People as well as people suffering from eczema or psoriasis and many other  medical situations.  If you need your hair done or products made for you -  you can make an appointment.

I use chemical free hair color from the Plant Kingdom as well as other Natural Sources.

But if for some reason you want chemicals, I can also use a similiar type of  hair color or low chemcial color, depending on your needs.

I have been doing this work for decades and use all the brands of haircolor, many not listed on this website as well as having haircolor specifically made for my brand of work.  I found certainly not everyone needs to use the same type or brand of haircolor.  There are many reasons for this.  That go far beyond the the ingredients or any allergies to ingredients.

To clients wishing a non toxic, fume free and vapor free environment, free of  all toxic products , hair color or treatments.
If you want this then come to the place it was thought up and created.  Don't let other  fake copy cat's or wannabe's who will charge you way too much for their fake, chemical filled treatments. If you knew what I know, you would be appalled, horrified and fearfull.

Years ago I did not know what to call this type of work, so I named it "Organic Hair Coloring Salon Services" this was meant to describe the purity I strive for in the products and service I use.  I am a medical professional first who experienced allergies and chemical sensitivity and had to find something that worked, I had evolved into the Alternative Medicine Industry.  One day I just put two and two together.   Since then I worked with many doctors who like what I do as I provide a service for people who have challenges like I do.

I mainly work without chemicals. In a fume free non toxic, green environment. 

Facials and Haircolor, styling and cuts - All Chemical free  as well as chemical free products.

Chemical Free Organic Products.  Means: Natural, Organic products free of all man made chemicals.

I am a blonde lady of German ancestry who has been hand crafting natural cosmetics and remedies before my teen years.  At age 17 - I made my first all natural professional haircolor, free of chemicals, which I use on myself to this day.

More about me and FYI:
For over 16 years I have worked in Professional Medical Educational Facilities training Nursing Professionals in Alternative Medicine for their C.E. Units.  My classes are listed in countless Local Bay Area Medical Continuing Education Magazines and Hospital Specific, Course Offerings.

 Additionally I have taught similiar courses to the Public sector (usually Massage Therapists, Nursing Home Care Professionals, Alternative Medicine Professinals, will take my courses as well as the Licensed In Home Caretaker.  In Adult Education as well as in Industry Specific-Private Schools.

I offer another course mainly for the non professional person or caretaker in the home wishing to learn more about Alternative Medicine as well as the student who may wish to go into some form of Alterntive Medicine.  This is a non credited course. I am also listed in many educational institutions.  I have been doing this work for over 20 years now.  I am fully licensed and certified in many, many forms of Alternative Medicine and Wholistic Therapy Arts as well as being a Medical Professional.

If you are working for another haircolor company or salon, please do not call me to try to glean information.  I have had too many people calling to try to do this so they could try to steal my products, ideas and technologies.  Please have some respect for what I am trying to do and don't just try to copy my ideas for your personal gain. Please respect me and the people who I would like to help. I can not abide by this type of bad behavior.  Due to experiencing this bad type of behavior and am determined to rectify it. 
 I now have to charge for a first time consultation fee, which will be refunded to you after your second hair color service has been paid.  In this  I can meet you and see what you really want to acheive.   But, if you really need my help feel free to call.  

  No soliciting of any kind.


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