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About Me

I did not create Organic Hair Coloring Salon to be a gimmik or Craze or fashion.  It was created for very specific reasons, Health and Eco- Consciousness.  Non toxic environment, Clean air for the client and the Colorist
.  And additionally, a platform for my Holistic Modalities.  For me, it was a no brainer.  For the copy cat artists, unfortunately,  it may be a gimmiky way just to get your money (and an excuse to charge extremely high prices) focusing on negatives and fear.  

My Advice:
If you don't have such sensitivities, maladies or injuries, don't worry so much and don't just throw your money away.  Not respecting money can also be an unhealthy, negative act (Mind, Body, Spirit) also includes respecting and taking care of one's provisions in life, valuing your money is also a form of creating WELLNESS in life).  
Do what makes you comfortable and don't give into big business scare tactics or fake advertising schemes.

Please note:

This is the very FIRST ORGANIC HAIRCOLOR WEBSITE ever created on the internet and the first of it's kind.  There was only one that was similiar, 25 years ago, (*non toxic salon by Cherrie) k which went out of business and did not have the word organic in it in any place.  The woman who owned it asked me if I wanted to take over her business, but alas, the products she had were / are out dated.   But I created the very first Idea of Organic hair color and Organic Hair coloring salon and the idea and words of Organic and Holistic Aesthetician.  Over 20 years ago when I was in a Holistic Healing College.  At that time, I told the owner of the school my idea, she said, come back when you finish Cosmetology school, as I want you to work in my Day Spa. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  I work through doctor or medical referral.  For over 30 YEARS I have created hundreds of formulas that are truly organic and truly natural. Now I am also selling my products. A link will be forthcomming.

As a matter of fact.  The only Hair color at that time that had the word Organic on it was Herbatint. BUT,  I called them to ask them what was organic in their haircolor as I saw nothing on the label that indicated any such ingredient.  The nice For Proffessionals only representative who is French, Marie,  said: What does Organic mean?   I said, oh, it is a way of farming, etc. (and it is really a way of thinking, creating, eating, living, that eliminates toxic ingredients that are harmfull to humans, the planet and all life).   I told her the word is on your advertisement. She did not even know that.  She asked me where I saw it, I had to tell her and she said she would have to call their  main office to ask about that question.  It was a bit surprising. I think it was just a mistake as from that point on I NEVER SAW IT AGAIN ON THEIR ADVERTISEMENTS.  

Now, let me explain again:
ALTHOUGH my website has changed many times over the 20 years,

At that time, the only way I could think of the explain what I do  -
and to explain the type of product and work I do was for me to
use the word "Organic".   What I wanted to convey was, I use the CLEANEST HAIRCOLOR I can find or create
.  Meaning -  free of toxic chemicals such as,  Ammonia, PPD, Resorcinol, Mea's, Parabens, Glutens, Peroxide, Metalics, Progressive Dyes, etc, toxic chemicals of all kinds and other toxic preservatives and it is not simple henna.  I also use other products that fit specific needs, but they are also clean and free of man made chemcials or are low chemical hair colors for people that want traditional chemical hairdye that emerged in the last century - originating in 1800's (but are updated versions of the same) oxidative dyes.

I create my own haircolor, I have since I was a teenager. As I explained to many haircolor reps who called me asking for ingredients in my haircolor, I said, the ingredients are different from color to color, you see, because it takes different herbal concentrates to make different colors, AND A FEW OTHER THINGS, I will not get into now. In addition my herbs are Organically farmed, which is first.

Alternately, I also use all of the new products on the market that fit my certain criteria.  I test them one by one.  Being a health care professional first - I keep very informed and up to date on new and improved formulas.  

Occassionally, I may need something I can not make or find. Many of my clients have health challenges.  So I end up making products for them, because they would not be able to have any product or cosmetic otherwise. They all have different needs.

If you know me, you know I will report only the facts, no hype.  I will not try to sell you any products.

 Being a health care professional first, I ended up working on people with chronic illnesses and environmental illnesses often they were  undergoing healing treatments. I still work in the medical field teaching classes and courses, many of my courses are listed in in - house hospital publications and medical C.E. Credit school as well as outpatient wellness centers, I have been teaching Alternative Medicine for well over 17 years. 

I will now take you back in time. My first year in Cosmetology School, I became ill due to the chemicals used.  I could not beleive no one else was not also becomming ill from the fumes used, and I constantly opened the window, until the other students complained, it was too cold.  That was my second awakening into realizing I was highly sensitized to chemicals.

I am a Licensed Cosmetologist in the San Francisco, California, Peninsula and have used many products.  Not just any products, I look for certain categories and often containing the lowest man made chemical content I can find.  I started out making my own herbal products for myself, then afterwards I got my Cosmetology license - So, I just put two and two together; my medical background, then my holistic licensing and my ample alternative healing background of 25 years and continued to work my way through the wellness and medical communities telling my students and contemporaries about my novel idea and services and products.

I ended up having to make my own haircoloring products again, because I could not find what I needed in the professional salon industry market.  It was a total accident that I became a Cosmetologist too, I only intended to become an Esthetician but was talked into getting my full license, because the owner of the Cosmetology school wanted me to teach skin care and massage courses in his school and said, that was the only way I could teach in that field - was to get a full Cosmetology Degree instead of just a Esthetician License.  I only intended to make and sell facial products, later I realized I could also use the organic haircolor and products I made in the hair industry for my special clients.

This website will show a  list of just some of the new products on the market and my old haircoloring products I used  long ago  in the past and my findings on them.  Some of these old haircolor companies came out with new versions, which I also tried and will report on the colors I tried.

 I care greatly for our beautiful planet, and use the cleanest hair color products and cosmetics possible.  

No more information will be given out.  This is not what I intended at all when I started the Organic Hair color Salon Ideation.  By the way, years ago, The haircolor company by the name of: Organic Color Systems called me too to grill me and to ask me if they could use the name Organic Color on their company, I said yes.
Before then many companies called me to ask if they could use the words Organic Hair Color or Holistic Esthetician and Organic Esthetician.  One was Green Venus in Australia, One was Organic Salon Systems. They were forthright and told me who they were and outright what they wanted to do.  Instead of being sneaky and acting like a real person needing assistance. Like a recent very sneaky, company by the initials M-R did.  I will post the print out of that phone call.

This site's purpose now is to provide knowledge on organic or low chemical hair coloring and reporting information, ingredients, performance, rating and my opinion.  I list the opionons of others too - who have tried any hair color product.  All for our planet's sake and for goodness sake. 

I will very soon be selling my wonderfully healthy products on line.

Blessings to all,


Vee's Mission has always been: Promoting Health & Wellness Consciousness into the salon.


Comming Soon. XoXo.


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