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New Hair Color Information

Vee, created the title of the Category and the wording:   "Better For You Haircolor"  and Just Better for you Haircolor.  But, there are - really Dozens of PPD, Ammonia Free haircolor products on the market. Over the Counter too.   If you can't find them I have listed some of the ones I used in the past.  Many of these products have been out for over 16 plus years so they are N O T   NEW, this INNOVATION IS NOT NEW.   I have several more categories that I have created names for  - which will be comming out soon to the public.  

BE ASSURED, I USE AND OBTAIN SUPERIOR, TOXIN FREE HAIRCOLORS AND DYES THAT ARE FAR BETTER THAN ANY BRAND NAME LISTED ON THIS WEBSITE.  Due to an incident by a company you will read about below, I can not give the name of the best and lowest toxin haircolor brands that I have ever used in the Superior, toxin free and Just Better for you haircolor categories.

Here are some suppliers - the prices range from $4.99 up.  The normal range is $9.00 to about $16.00 tops.  You can get about 3 color jobs from one box or single tube.

If you are a professional, you can get  lower chemical hair color 
 for alot less money.  Non-Proffessionals can also find it at very reasonable prices.

On  8/1/17  Vee created the term *L.C.H.   (Low Chemical Hair color).  This is a brand new Category of Haircolor.  Additionally, *L.C.H.A(Copywrite@8/1/17), All rights reserved.  The reason for this is to create more clarity and a finer, more refined definition, due to the misuse of these terms below.

Vee originally created the terms: ORGANIC HAIR COLORING and Holistic Hair Coloring as well as Holistic Aesthetician and Organic and Holistic Haircolor and Esthetician Services, whereas before there was no such catetory, categories, modalities, practice or designation(s). More recently, Better for you Haircolor.  

Please note, all of these names and abbreviations have been used, copied and misused.  I did not copywrite them, so others could use them, originally, but the corruption of the words such as Organic Haircoloring lead me to make changes to further clarify and separate definitions. Also the misuse of the words as applied to products, has also happened.  I have no ability to stop someone *(manufacturer or Salon owner) from misusing these terms, as I created them for everyone, expecting them, manufacturer and salon owner to use them at face value.  But there has been corruption in the use of the categories.  Again, I have no control over that and that was not my pure intention.

Thank you, V.

E-Bay has:  Lots of Ammonia Free, PPD Free, Peroxide Free, No Alcohol, No Resorcinol, No Paraben, no Mineral Oil, etc.  Hair color as well as "FREE OF"  BRANDS.

Amazon has some - the names are  I.C.O.N. and  "Chi".

Cosmoprof and Ulta Beauty carry "Chi"  which is PPD, Ammonia Free - and has been around for over 4 plus years now.  

Many Beauty Salon Supply Store Chain have carried their own PPD, Silicone, Ammonia Free, Paraben Free Brands for about 5 years and often sell to the General Public as well as Pros.  Plus there are 2 other kinds of  hair color there too that fall under this category.  I hear people say: Oh, I buy CHEMCIAL FREE or  ALL NATURAL haircolor.  But they are not reading the ingredients label.  It amazes me.  How can you make a statement like that and beleive it, just because YOU HEARD it on a Television Commercial or on the INTERNET ABOUT A CERTAIN PRODUCT.  

   All these hair color brands I have listed here are also Paraben and Gluten Free as well as PPD, Ammonia Free, Maybe Chi's could possibly still have parabens but, of this I am not sure.  

One Sold to Professionals Only  Line is:  Mastey deParis Haircolor. Teinture and others.  I used his formula  about - 15 years ago.  Personally, I found owner (Henry) to be forthright, very professional, generous and creative. There has been alot said about the formula he made, but I see alot of companies have Copy Cated it.     I've been doing this work for over 30 years.  Mr. Mastey was the first to come out with this type of PPD Free product - that I knew of -  In 2004 when there was nothing like this formula available.  You can ask your hairdresser to carry any brand and it should not cost you the consumer any extra money.

 I started in 1994 looking for things on the market that were low in toxins and I posted THESE TOXINS on the internet, each one, what it does and is used for and its toxicity levels.


Note and F.Y.I.

There are also 11 other brands, 5 sold to Professionals only.  There are soo many brands that fit this Low Chem category and also were specifically made to omit : Ammonia, PPD, Resorcinol, Gluten and other toxic chemicals and ingredients. AGAIN- -  BECAUSE THE FORMULA HAS BEEN OUT FOR, AS I SAID for OVER 16 years.  I know.   Over 13 years ago I had to have it made specifically for me at two different facilities and there were a few places that had a similiar formula.   I ASKED THEM AND THEY SAID YES -  THEY ALREADY HAD IT IN THE VAULT.  . ONCE  IT IS OUT   IT IS OUT. OF COURSE SOME PLACES DID NOT  HAVE IT   BECAUSE IT  WAS KINDA NEW BACK THEN AND I HAD TO GO AROUND AND ASK AROUND A LOT.   I keep very good records.

I see there are alot of products  being made to "Look" like they are natural   or   organic.     Example: On Google, type in Natural hair color and a company by the name of Madison Reed comes up, at the very top of the list.  Again look up organic  hair color and  it comes up again.  But this product is not in any way natural and is certainly not in any way organic.   Like many it is a fake advertising tactic and they usually pay to get to the top of the List  on the Search Engines. They have lots of money, just look at the prices they charge and they are not even a Professionals Only Haircolor.

By the way a representative called me about two years ago from this company and actually misrepresented herself. She was very agressive, very pushy, not allowing me to ask her what exactly she wanted, but she at first acted like she wanted to make an appointment and was just calling to find out more about this new concept I had before she came in to see me.  She was very pushy,  after I explained I make my own natural haircolor.
 She kept insisting then that I tell her the name of one of the HAIRCOLOR products that I had used in the past, as my website stated that I use different brands for different needs, - instead of doing the research herself, buying and testing out all new natural and organic hair color products.  She said, just tell me one hair color name you use.  I finally told her : Well there is "Afree  by Dikson". She then said startled:  Oh, you mean PPD Free is Organic?.  She SEEMED VERY, VERY, very EXCITED ABOUT THIS  -
 I said no, no it is
not organic  It's - Just   "Better For You".

Now  I never said it was organic.  If she bothered to read my old website, that she saw and got my phone number from, it said that : I use lots of different brands
, I mainly use  100% organic haircolor since I am an herbalist.   I also use Low Chemical Hair Color  and No chemical hair color and I created different  methods and techniques.  I guess I am not your Run of the Mill -  Hair Colorist.    
I created the idea, words and model of "Organic Hair Coloring Salon" and I can prove it.  EVERYONE KNOWS THIS.  That is why she called me  - so she could grill me and then steal As much Information as She Could for Madison Reed.

It was obvious she just rushed thru the internet trying to glean any information without fully reading my website and without doing any real work herself - and she was very rude to boot. She NEVER IDENTIFIED HERSELF AS BEING FROM A COMPANY, or BEING A PROFESSIONAL, SPY, FISHER, POSER, SNEAK, HUSTLER and was very vague and lied about why she was asking the questions, I thought she was a POOR LADY NEEDING HELP THAT LIVED FAR AWAY AND COULD NOT COME IN TO SEE ME, until her questions got more and more about Products and Procedures - and  She did not say she was associated with Madison Reed Co - EVER.  But she was..Read more.. I will post the entire content of that phone conversation soon.

 Just for that, I would never buy anything from them - besides their products are way too over priced, along with their messed up mentality of  blatantly,  stealing other's ideas and hard work.   They also obviously "borrowed" (to put it nicely),  E Salon's ideas and website model    and other Salon Business Models, Details and Ideas, Ingredients and substitution of Ingredients.  Also, my idea of putting a a woman in a Yoga pose on the website, copying all my words in their Expensive T.V. adds .  You should have heard her (the deceitful M-R Representative I mean), she tried to squeeze out, get - use and steal every detail - as she asked me question after question,  how much I charge, where am I located and when I said, well where are you located, She said, oh, you must  go to the homes of people to do their hair -   I just said oh, yes I can because I am a licensed nursing professional first off.  At that point it was dawning on me she was not calling to make an appointment afterall, she had just acted like it to get information.

 She was reading from a check list - so she could copy cat every detail of what I do and what products I use.    And she never - one time said who she really was, or WHY she was asking  and who she was working for.  

Now, I must say, I am insulted.  Instead of M-R doing their OWN CREATIVE work, developing their own ideas and their own original ideation and business model.   After I saw all the things she asked me about SPECIFICALLY -   down to EVERY small DETAIL  -  (that was later used in their advertising), but with the slight difference being,  that M-R Claimed that - they  had created this idea and New Innovation.  That is a lie.  

 There is nothing innovative or original about the Madison Reed Company.  Honestly, the nerve.  Additionally, Why would you even mention that the M-R's  (owner) named the company after her daughter - Unless it is  - AH,  Maybe TO GET THE CONSUMER TO  SYMPATHIZE AND CONNECT WITH THEM ON AN EMOTIONAL LEVEL, (an advertising tactic)?      But then, I recalled  another company who named their company after the owner's daughter too, BUT, they did it FIRST, Carol's Daughter is their name and Carol's Daugher I would believe the pure intent.  

Now, again not surprised,  Really, I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER,  here it is again.  
M-R does it again FOLKS - YES ANOTHER  idea M-R Ripps Off without a "IF YOU PLEASE or a  BY YOUR LEAVE" .

Now Carol's Daughter - really create their own beautiful products just like I have hand crafted mine for over 30 years.  Come on now.  NOW LET'S SEE Who else did M-R copy cat AND "Borrow" from?  Can you think of anyone else or anything else that M-R has copied or "Borrowed" from?  Besides:  Afree, Mastey, Carol's Daughter,  E Salon, Yoga Trend photos,- that I used first,  Organic Hair Color and Organichaircoloringsalon.Net. Well Who is next?   My advice to you   all is Just don't invent anything because M-R will inevitabley TRY TO STEAL IT.

 They steal ideas from everyone and THEN TURN AROUND AND SAY THEY CREATED THIS IDEA to boot.  The claim that they INNOVATED PPD Free haircolor.  I AM HERE TO TELL YOU  THAT IS A FLAT OUT LIE.  Just look at their website for yourself - and then look at : E SALON's Website; Carol's Daughter branding Idea; Organic Hair Coloring Salon -  and  Madison Reed is NOT even SELLING ORGANIC.   THEY LIE and PLACE THEIR WEBSITE WITH THE SEARCH WORDS BEING:  ORGANIC, and they place their website everywhere  and  Pay to be on the TOP of the List for website placement.  They"Permanently Borrowed"   SO MANY things from that phone call to me, I really need to post the entire CONTENTS OF THE PHONE CALL.  LASTLY, THEY NEVER THOUGHT UP  lower chemical "better for you haircolor".
 In my opinion MADISON-REED  is pond scum.

Well as all higher consciousness people know,  STEALING from - other people can create problems.
 Now Madison Reed WILL BE FOREVER be IDENTIFIED AS HAVING STOLEN OTHERS IDEAS, INNOVATION,  CREATIVITY AND HARD WORK, BECAUSE THEY did exactly that.  That is just WHAT THEY DO.. WITH THEIR KIND OF BEHAVIOR AND MENTALITY AND MORALS  AS WELL AS BEING MONEY GRUBBING AND PLAYING INTO THE FEARS of the Public.  They are also located in San Francisco, that is why they wanted to know where I am located in San Francisco.   They should have at least made an appointment, but just to call and try to squeeze out information to Steal   is  just too much,  What unbeleivable, incredible gall, what nerve.

Now,  Afree is mainly sold to professionals - but I see you can actually buy it if you are not a professional.  Afree is PPD and Ammonia Free and contains some organic ingredients.  It is not bad, but I have used better, cleaner products.   I must say Afree is pretty Lux and delivers the coverage. Afree is overpriced for a Professional Salon product, BUT FAR, FAR LESS EXPENSIVE THAN M-R.
THE OLD RULE OF paying more for Better Quality,  does not always apply.  Just look on Amazon.

 Most sold to professionals haircolors are sold for less money to the Salon.  Example, Old fashioned Wella $3.99 a bottle. (which also made the switch to low ammonia) they changed the formula several years ago and it does not sting th eyes.

 Ammonia Free Salon Color Lines sold at Cosmoproff are $7.00 for excellent coloring products, sometimes $8.00 for a large tube of Pravana ammonia free haircolor. Chi (I don't like personally) but some do, is ammonia and PPD Free.  Ammonia Free and Paraben Free are the main thing you need to look for, unless you have a problem with PPD.

DIY: There are tons of Ammonia Free haircolor lines, even in the local Drug Store for over 8 plus years, even at the dollar stores and Bargain Grocery Markets.  The old Naturecolor brand  was alwaysAmmonia Free is pretty Lux, but some colors have about one 16th a percent of PPD.  I have know the owner for over a decade,  she is a super, fab lady and the herbal process is an ancient beautifull art based in the elements.  I wished they would have called her and tried to hustle her, she would have really socked it to that sneaky M-R rep.

There are many, many more  PPD Free, ammonia free haircolor products, that I have not listed.  With some looking you will find them, even if you are not a professional.


Copywrite@1/2014. All Rights Reserved.  No duplication of this website allowed.  No duplication of any material or any part of this website content will be allowed. 


V.O.G.A.H COPYWRITE@7/26/17. All Rights Reserved for V.O.G.A.H.  

L.C.H.A. Copywrite@8/1/17.

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