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New Hair Color Information

There are Dozens of PPD, Ammonia Free haircolor products on the market.  Over the Counter too.

One Professional Line is:  Mastey deParis haircolor. I used his formula  15 years ago.  Personally, I found him to be forthright, very professional, generous and creative. There has been alot said about the formula he made, but I see alot of companies have Copy Cated it.  Look at the warnings and writings on the internet. A few companies have even tried to say that they thought up his PPD Free idea, that is a lie. Exactly, when was that? I've been doing this work for over 30 years. He was the first to come out with this type of PPD Free product. In 2004 there was nothing like this formula that I know of.

I see there are alot of products  being made to "Look" like they are natural   or   organic.     Example: On Google, type in Natural hair color and a company by the name of Madison Reed comes up, at the very top of the list.  Again look up organic  hair color and  it comes up again.  But this product is not in any way natural and is certainly not in any way organic.   Like many it is a fake advertising tactic and they usually pay to get to the top of the List  on the Search Engines. They have lots of money, just look at the prices they charge and they are not even a Professionals Only Haircolor.

By the way a representative called me about two years ago from this company and actually misrepresented herself. She was very agressive, very pushy, not allowing me to ask her what exactly she wanted.  She was very pushy,  after I explained I make my own natural haircolor.  She kept insisting then that I tell her the name of one of the products that I had used, - instead of doing the research herself, buying and testing out all new natural and organic hair color products.  She said, just tell me one  name.  I finally told her : "Afree  by Dikson". She then said startled: Oh, you mean PPD Free is Organic?.  I said no, no it is not, it is just better for you.  It was obvious she just rushed thru the internet trying to glean any information without fully reading my website and without doing any real work herself - and she was very rude to boot.
 Just for that, I would never buy anything from them, besides their product being way overpriced, along with them stealing E Salon's ideas and a few other Salon Business Models, details and Ideas.  You should have heard her, she tried to steal every detail. It was obvious she was reading from a check list.  Instead of doing the creative work, developing her own ideas and original plan. I had to save a copy, it was just unbeleivable.  There is nothing innovative or original about this company.  Honestly, the nerve.

Now,  Afree is mainly sold to professionals - but I see you can actually buy it if you are not a professional.  Afree is PPD and Ammonia Free and contains some organic ingredients.  It is not bad, but I have used better, cleaner products.   I must say Afree is pretty Lux and delivers the coverage. Afree is super overpriced for a Professional Salon product.

 Most sold to professionals are sold for less money to the Salon.  Example, Old fashioned Wella $3.99 a bottle. (which also switched to ammonia free) they changed the formula several years ago.

 Ammonia Free Salon Color Lines sold at Cosmoproff are $7.00 for excellent coloring products, sometimes $8.00 for a large tube of Pravana ammonia free haircolor. Chi (I don't like) ammonia and PPD Free.  

There are many, many more  PPD Free, ammonia free haircolor products, that I have not listed.  With some looking you will find them, even if you are not a professional.


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