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New Hair Color Information

 See the new anti allergy molecule:


In my opinion this idea was way overdue and a super obvious solution. There were many ways to do this, but give credit where it is due. Coty, Clairol put it into their formulas due to the allergy talk on PPD..  But this product still contains a warning about doing a PD test and warns you can still obtain an allergy from using this product. 

ALSO A PRO LINE with this ingredient:
Wella's Professional line:
Koleston Perfect Innosense. 

I still prefer Mastey.

All Natural (really) and Organic
I also have "All Organic" .
just wait and see.  Comming Very soon to you.  Not a gimmick. And much more. 

Excellent Price
Superior Product.  
Patent Pending.

In 2018 June, it will be available.  Earth Friendly. 

Really is: All Natural, 100% Organic Really.

I recently called a company that claimed to be All Organic and All Natural -  When I questioned that the ingredients were synthetic chemicals, I was told that : Because their product was made in Denmark, it automatically gets to be listed as being categorized this way because of  European Rulings.  After I inquuired about these rulings, I discovered others were concerned about their fairness and truth as well and that now these unfair and untrue rulings are being challenged.


What is the definition of All Natural?
See my Organic Definitions tab.

----------------------------------------------------------------------NEW NEWS NEWS. -------------------------------------------------------------------------


New Molecule and how it works:
Have you seen this ingredient before? I have:

ME+ (chemical name 2-Methoxymethyl-p-Phenylenediamine)
 An Allergic reactions occur when a substance is considered harmful by the body’s immune system. This process is triggered when a molecule fits with a receptor on the surface of a T-Cell (one of the body’s immune system ‘gatekeepers’) and is identified as potentially harmful.

Scientists at P&G have altered the molecular structure of PPD to reduce the allergenicity of this molecule. By modifying the PPD into a molecule that does not easily fit with the T-cell receptors and is therefore less likely to be considered as harmful, the risk of developing allergy is reduced with ME+ (vs pPD/pTD).

Of course, the new technology isn't foolproof and the clue is very much in the wording. 'Reduces' the risk means there is still a chance you'll leave the salon red-faced as well as red-headed but this is a great step in the right direction. It's also only available as a permanent hair color/
it wouldn't work for semi-permanent dyes. 

BUT, As a precaution, an allergy test should always be taken 48 hours before each color session to ensure you're safe, just as you would with any other dye. So, it is encouraging to see that some brands are taking allergies and reactions seriously. BY WELLA.

A New hair color your stylist can also order: Koleston Perfect Innosense.  

OK, in my opinion, it is just another new chemical to possibly develop an allergy to.  Plus, it is something new for the immune system to have to negotiate / deal with, still contains PPD.  Actually, my doctor friend who attended Stanford University, actually thought of this over 6 years ago, I saw her drawing the model up as we discussed the PPD issue, and showed her the chart.  So, it is really not a big deal and was inevitable.
My honest opinion is twofold:  BFD.   But, but, to be fair, another choice to the industry norm and it is something new on the market. Making Strides and changes.

* Hairprint (Color Restorer).  Another Category of Hair Color Product.   *Some Excerpts Copied 10/2017.  

Just some * NEW TECHNOLOGY BY CLAIROL.     Ah, Say What?

Someone else has created base  hair color from some yucky E-Coli.  These ingredients will be available soon to manufacturers to create "natural" hair color products with....

Also there are other things comming too, just - not on this website yet.

 The Golden Age of Genetics and Green Chemistry is Here .

(Note: ORGANIC CHEMISTRY is NOT TO BE CONFUSED with the "word"  Organic - as in Organic Food and should not be used as such, if it is -  it demonstrates by the user, a unfair trick or Gimmik - which is employed in Greenwashing).  So be aware and beware the use of those two words.

"Going more natural has been here a long time and is here to stay - so start doing your homework or just try a few products and see what resonates". (Vee).

MASTEY Professional Salon hair color is one of the better, more luxurious, hair color lines and has always been:
PPD Free and Ammonia Free, Resorcinol and Paraben Free, etc.  and contains alot of Grape Seed Extract.  It is quite good and the folks are very nice. Henry Mastey created the formula - well over 16 years ago. Mastey contains many organic ingredients and delivers Great results.  I recommend this product. The color line has everything you would want as a Professional.    Prices are good, very reasonable.

A Very - Old Company is called :"All Nutrient" with tons of organic ingredients, low ammonia, etc.  The Colors are very powerfull and strong.  I do not currently use this brand but I have in the distant -long ago past and I have it, if anyone particularly asks for it (as is my practice for anything).   It works Extremely well. They label it: Natural Hair Color.  The styling product line is very professional too.  The prices are very good, very reasonable.  Shelf life is long.

Actually, there are - many PPD Free, ammonia free, alcohol free, resorcinol free, paraben free brands on the market.  A lot of very innovative products that have been around for a long, long time.  

** ** ** **          ** ** ** ** ** **          ** **          ** ** ** ** ** ** **   5,4,3,2,1

 has:  Lots of Ammonia Free, PPD Free, Peroxide Free, No Alcohol, No Resorcinol, No Parabens, no Mineral Oil, etc.  Hair color as well as  many of the  "FREE OF"   BRANDS.

  I can tell you there are many, many, many PPD, Ammonia, Alcohol, paraben, resorcinol Free hair colors.  Even the Brand: "AFREE"  is sold on Ebay.

On  8/1/17  Vee created the term *L.C.H.   (Low Chemical Hair Color).  This is a brand new Category of Hair color.  Additionally, Z.M.M.C. (Copyright@7/1/17), All rights reserved.  The reason for this is to create more clarity and a more refined definition, due to the misuse of these terms below.

Vee originally created the terms: ORGANIC HAIR COLORING and Holistic Hair Coloring as well as Holistic Aesthetician and Organic and Holistic Hair color and Esthetician Services, whereas before there were no such categories, practices or designation(s). More recently, Vee created the category and words Just Better for you Haircolor and Better4U Haircolor (Just Better4U Haircolor).

Please note many of my names and abbreviations have been used, copied and misused.  
Please Note:  I always have a Copyright on all my original website material, on all my website updates, retaining and reserving all rights therein.


Good News and Old News.

 Here are 2 new - hair color brands, which just happen to have originated in the San Francisco Bay Area also.

Let's have a contest of who is the most and clean product of our  - two new local hair color companies.  None of the two are eligible to be listed as an "Organic" Brand, even though one of these companies list themselves on the internet everywhere as being Organic Hair Color.  But this is not true.

-----------------------------------------Something new-?  ?  ------------------------------

*  ----HAIRPRINT- Sounds nice doesn't it.  (It is said to be Created by a local San Francisco Bay Area industrial chemist).  Not even advertised as a Natural Hair color, but in this one particular case it really could qualify to be  labeled as such. Bravo for Hairprint.

NEW HAIR COLOR  - Number One:
There is a new natural hair color -  called Hairprint, which appears to be made of  well known natural vegetable dyes  and possible natural occurring metalics, but, I will reserve my final observation -  until I've actually tried it, but I will say, it sounds much better for you and the environment, except the strange self heating up bit, mummn.  Heating up by itself usually means a chemical reaction, right.  But, only one way to find out, order it and test it.  
But the Ingredients found in it sound good and much better for you and the environment.  Like most claiming to be natural, the ingredients list  shown on the website under Ingredients, are very different than the ones, you are required to give to Professionals, due to MSDS Safety Rules.  But this list, did not have alot of really bad chemicals in it.  It was actually quite clean.  


The "Cons",  Number One: Ferrous Gluconate (Iron)  F.G. or F.S.  can be very damaging to the hair, it is a well known fact.
Number two:  It is not a permanent fix.  My point here is that they say in their Advertising :  That it
"Restores" the eumelanin in the hair  (i.e.: the browns and darker browns found in the hair shaft), which if you were to really RESTORE OR HEAL the old color molecules in your grayed hair then that would be a permanent fix and you  would not require more and more applications upon your hair growing each day   -  (but this is not the case with Hairprint), as it tells you that you should keep applying it   to (*RESTORE)  *( there is that word again)  the dark hair you had had before in your younger days.   You can  join their  club to get is sent to you regularly each month  So this to me is just a bit of a play on words - in advertising - which other companies  have done much, much worse.  To Restore the eumelanin (brown colors) in your hair is simply a PLAY ON WORDS.   We are really applying color to gray hair.   Final ingredients list shows it 
contains a few well known brown plant - hair dyes with the addition of iron. (The iron and herbs and vegetable dye
is actually an old technique) Yes, I have seen it  done before in many older cosmetic formulas and folky style cosmetics, hair colorants, makeup and other applications.  It is an obvious way to make some brown to black dyes  (Minus the self-heating bit).

I do see several ingredients found in creating metalic salts,  but, I will  have to get back to you on that - to be sure.
Now, to be fair, metalic salts can be derived from natural sources and some consider them to be natural ingredient hair colorants. 


Now, this product gradually, adds  in darker coloring- WHICH TO ME ONLY MEANS SOUNDS LIKE PROGRESSIVE and you can't do it all in one day.  It takes a few applications to get the brown color as deep or dark as you want it to be to match up with the remaining brown you have or to get enough dye to really cover the gray good.  Like potatoe skins or any vegetable dye - it ususally takes a few applications and in between shampoos, some comes out again, so you must reapply.  No biggie, this sounds reasonable.

All in all - it sounds like people like it alot.  It has lots of good reviews that sound real.  It seems alot of people like it -
not just the people who are trying to sell it.  In the ingredients I saw.  No actual fake chemical hair dyes  in it.

"Pros" The ingredients list in Hairprint shows  mainly good, natural ingredients.

HAIRPRINT hair color restorer,  Sounds Very Interesting and it has a lot of good reviews.    "Worth giving it a look".


The second newer brand to come out-    again,   in San Francisco.

Number Two of  the newer -  so called "innovative"  but Not True,   hair colors on the scene.

The Not-Organic, Madison Reed HAIRCOLOR, which is actually  (NOT an ORGANIC Hair color Brand in any way, shape or form, BUT they ADVERTISE as being one) everywhere on the internet.  They have adds on T.V. and originated in San Francisco, California also. *Note: FYI, Just about every hair color is made in Italy - which M-R, makes a big deal over.  Reason: simply there are many, many hair color factories in Italy.  There are tons of brands just like this and their self described "Innovation" is ACTUALLY NOT NEW.  So when you see them advertising their brand as Organic and a new innovation.
Don't beleive it:   OK,   Proof of This is:
        Just, Check how long Mastey -  PPD, Ammonia Free-Organic hair color -  has been around for.

 **Read MORE ON Madison Reed at the bottom.

So out of the two listed above as of     9/2017.  HAIRPRINT wins
the NEW - Clean HAIR COLOR Contest - Hands Down....and HANDS ABOVE Madison Reed.    **THERE actually  IS NO CONTEST HERE.  Hairprint -  looks   cleaner, more interesting  and more of a new revelation to the general public as a whole.

** ** ** **          ** ** ** ** ** **          ** **          ** ** ** ** ** ** **   5,4,3,2,1

Colors from E coli. Sounds horrible, but science found a way to make it and they are calling it natural.  Actually it is.  

Places to find: Organic, Natural, PPD free (Free or brands),  Less Chemical, Low Chemical,
Zero Man Made Chemical Brands:

Ebay and 
has some Ammonia, PPD Free, etc with beneficial results. - the names are  I.C.O.N. and  "Chi". Mastey*


Places to buy - Storefronts

Cosmoprof and Ulta Beauty carry "Chi"  which is PPD, Ammonia Free - and has been around for over 4 plus years now.  

Many Beauty Salon Supply Store Chain have carried their own PPD Free,  Silicone, Ammonia Free, Gluten Free, Resorcinol free, (resorcinol substitute in same family as resorcinol),  Paraben Free Brands for about 5 years and often sell to the General Public as well as Pros.  Plus there are 2 other kinds of  hair color there too that fall under this category.

Sometimes while shopping,  I hear people say: Oh, I buy CHEMCIAL FREE or  ALL NATURAL haircolor.  But they
are not reading the ingredients label.  It amazes me.  How can you make a statement like that and beleive it, just because YOU HEARD it on a Television Commercial or on the INTERNET ABOUT A CERTAIN PRODUCT.  

Note and F.Y.I. NOTES:
I see there are alot of products  being made to "Look" like they are Natural   or   Organic.     Example: On Google, type in Natural hair color and a company by the name of Madison Reed comes up, at the very top of the list.  Again look up Organic  hair color and  it comes up again.  But wait a minute, this product is not in any way natural and is certainly not in any way organic.   Like many it is a fake advertising tactic and they usually pay to get to the top of the List  on the Search Engines. They have lots of money,  just look at the prices they charge and they are not even a Professionals Only Haircolor.

Just FYI:
By the way a representative called me about two years ago from this company and actually misrepresented herself. She was very agressive, very pushy, not allowing me to ask her what exactly she wanted, but she at first acted like she wanted to make an appointment and was just calling to find out more about this new concept I had before she came in to see me.  She was very pushy,  after I explained I make my own natural hair color.  She kept insisting then that I tell her the name of one of the HAIRCOLOR products that I had used in the past, as my website stated that I use different brands for different needs, - instead of doing the research herself, buying and testing out all new natural and organic hair color products.  She said, just tell me one hair color name you use.  I finally told her : Well there is a hair color by the name of "Afree  by Dikson". She then said startled:   Oh, you mean PPD Free is Organic ?.  She SEEMED VERY, VERY, very EXCITED ABOUT THIS  -
 I said: "No, no it is not organic - 
 It's -  Just   "Better For You".

Now  I never said it was organic.  If she bothered to read my old website, that she saw and got my phone number from, it said that : I use lots of different brands
, I mainly use  100% organic haircolor since I am an herbalist.  
I also use Low Chemical Hair Color  and No chemical hair color and I created different  methods and techniques.  Not your typical -  Hair Colorist.    

I created the idea, words and model of "Organic Hair Coloring Salon" and I can prove it.  EVERYONE KNOWS THIS.  That is why she, (the Madison Reed Rep.) called me  - so she could grill me and then steal as much information as she could for the Madison Reed brand.

It was obvious that she just rushed thru the internet trying to glean any information without fully reading my website and without doing any real work herself - and she was very   Rude   to boot. She NEVER IDENTIFIED HERSELF AS BEING FROM A COMPANY, or BEING A PROFESSIONAL, SPY, FISHER, POSER, SNEAKY HUSTLER and was very vague and lied about why she was asking the questions. Here I thought she was a POOR LADY NEEDING HELP THAT LIVED FAR AWAY AND COULD NOT COME IN TO SEE ME, the way she pushed and pinned for a name of a hair color brand that I use she was so so insistent - like her life depended on it. After I gave her the name "Afree"  her questions became more and more about Products and Procedures - and  She did not say that she was associated with Madison Reed Co- EVER or any company name.  by that matter.  But she was..Read more.. I will post the entire content of that phone conversation soon.

Because of that type of behavior, I would never buy anything from them - besides their products are way too over priced, along with their messed up mentality of  blatantly,  stealing other's ideas and hard work.   They also obviously "borrowed" (to put it nicely),  E Salon's ideas and website format   and other Salon Business Models, Details and Ideas, Ingredients and substitution of Ingredients.  Also, my idea of putting a a woman in a Yoga pose (to promote healing and wellness- as this is my first vocation and what I do) on the website, copying all my words in their Expensive T.V. adds .  You should have heard her (the deceitful M-R Representative I mean), she tried to squeeze out, get - use and steal every detail - as she asked me question after question,  how much I charge, where am I located and when I said, well where are YOU located, She said, oh, you must  go to the homes of people to do their hair -   I just said ah, oh, yes I can because I am a licensed nursing professional first off.  At that point it was dawning on me she was not calling to make an appointment afterall, she had just acted like she was a prospective client so as to get information-then she got rude and abruptly hung up.

Now, I must say, I am insulted.  Instead of M-R doing their OWN CREATIVE work, developing their own ideas and their own original ideation and business model.   After I saw all the things she asked me about SPECIFICALLY -   down to EVERY small DETAIL  -  (that was later used in their advertising), but with the slight difference being,  that M-R Claimed that - they  had created this idea and New Innovation.  That is a lie.  

 There is nothing innovative or original about the Madison Reed Company.  Honestly, the nerve.  Additionally, Why would you even mention that the M-R's  (owner) named the company after her daughter - Unless it is  - AH,  Maybe TO GET THE CONSUMER TO  SYMPATHIZE AND CONNECT WITH THEM ON AN EMOTIONAL LEVEL, (an ungracefull advertising tactic)?      But then, I recalled  another company who named their company after the owner's daughter too, BUT, they did it FIRST, Carol's Daughter is their name and Carol's Daugher I would believe the pure intent.  

Now Carol's Daughter - really create their own beautiful products just like I have hand crafted mine for over 30 years.  Well,  Let's see Who ELSE did M-R copy cat and  ah,  "Borrow" from?  Can
you think of anyone else or anything else that M-R has copied or "Borrowed" from?  Besides:  Afree, Mastey, Carol's Daughter,  E Salon, Yoga Trend photos,- that I used first,  The name: Organic Hair Color and idea and concept and model of Organichaircoloringsalon.Net.   Wow,    Who is next?   My advice to you all is:
Just don't invent anything because M-R will inevitabley TRY TO STEAL IT without a may I, if you please or thank you.

Well as all higher consciousness people know,  STEALING from - other people can create problems.  Now Madison Reed WILL BE FOREVER be IDENTIFIED AS HAVING STOLEN OTHERS IDEAS, INNOVATION,  CREATIVITY AND HARD WORK, BECAUSE THEY did exactly that.  That is just WHAT THEY DO.. WITH THEIR KIND OF BEHAVIOR AND MENTALITY AND MORALS  AS WELL AS BEING MONEY GRUBBING AND PLAYING INTO THE FEARS of the Public.  They are also located in San Francisco, that is why they wanted to know where I am located in San Francisco.   They should have at least made an appointment, but just to call and try to squeeze out information to Steal and then use immediately, is way beyond agressive,  is  just too much,  What incredible gall, what nerve.

Now,  "AFREE"  by Dikson  is mainly sold to professionals - but I see you can actually buy it online if you are not a professional.  Afree is PPD and Ammonia Free and contains some organic ingredients.  It is not bad,    I must say Afree comes in a very large amount tube.   So the pricing is considered in with the size too. Afree is a bit expensive for a Professional Salon product, BUT  Afree is - FAR,  FAR LESS EXPENSIVE THAN Madison Reed (extremely overpriced into the realm of super greed).  In addition, not all of the ingredients are listed on Madison Reed's hair color.  Only the ingredients that sound good.  And it is odd they listed their color exactly the way I listed mine by the color of the herbs making different ingredients for different ingredients needed to obtain those colors.  I can tell you that in their case, it is not true.  Madison Reed's hair colors are CHEMICAL BASED HAIR COLORS and their is no need for them to list or not list the ingredients in that way.  And just why are they listing their hair color as Organic.  It is all over the internet, in email boxes being listed under the word ORGANIC.  WHICH IS N O T   TRUE.  WTF?.  Maybe they should label it Low Chemical, but - actually we don't REALLY know how much chemicals or PTD is in their hair color.  Is it as low as Naturecolor?  Is it less than one sixteenth of one percent of PTD?  So then, they may not even be Low Chemical either.  They should list all their ingredients like the other -  truly Natural Brands do and their percentages of chemicals, then we can tell something.  Really, if you think on it, just saying you have a substitute for PPD does not tell us how much of it or the other chemicals are in the product.  It could be over the recommended limit for PTD, there are also ways to tell. If it is weaker than regular hair color, it will have lower chemicals. 


THE OLD RULE OF paying more - higher prices for  Better Quality,  does not always apply.  Just look on Amazon.  Even their organic products will be good and have you gone into a Whole Foods Store lately?  I hear, the prices have gone substantially DOWN.

 Most sold to professionals haircolors are sold for less money to the Salon.  Example, alot of old fashioned brands starting at $3.99 a bottle, (have also made the switch to low ammonia)  formula changed years ago so it does not sting the eyes.

Some Distributors have had access to  PPD Free, Ammonia Free hair color lines for over 10 years and some will sell directly to the public as well as professionals.

 Ammonia Free Color Lines sold at Cosmoproff are $7.00 for excellent coloring products, sometimes $8.00 for a large tube of Pravana ammonia free haircolor.  Just about every color supply store sells Ammonia Free, PPD Free hair color.

Chi - which delivers the color results in a silky, shinny, well conditioned and very nice indeed result. It is ammonia and PPD Free.

More on Good,  Natural, Home Kits  (DIY at Home Hair Color Kits).

DIY:    There are tons of Ammonia Free hair color lines, even in the local Drug Store for over 8 plus years, even at the local Dollar stores and even your local Bargain Grocery Markets.  The old BRAND Naturecolor was always Ammonia Free - etc and is pretty Luxurious and Lush,  All of their colors  contain
   one 16th of ONE percent
of PPD (or Less than 1/16th of ONE PERCENT).   So they would be considered to be Low Chemical hair color and Natural due to the large amount of Natural Ingredients - and all different natural ingredients in each different color as well as their innovative herbal extraction technique used.  Naturecolor has been around for Ever.  Frankly I love most of the colors and flexibility of use.  I used them decades ago and I am sure they are still of superior quality.

I must say,  I Love Mastey Teinture - PPD Free, Ammonia Free, Resorcinol Free, Paraben Free, Natural Hair Color.  Even though this company is quite old  -  the Pure and Natural Ingredients deliver supreme results.   You need a skilled Stylist to get the best out of this product, some one who has used it for many years and is well educationed and experienced with it, but when you do find someone who has worked with it for many years, you will have a Crush on Mastey Senior too.


Naturlique: Not Really All Natural, by USA Standards.

* * * *     * * * *     * * * *     * * * *     * * * *     * * * *     * * * *     * ** * *     * * * *     * * * *     * * * *     * * * *

HAIR COLOR RULES OF THUMB:  Check your ingredients, ask for all the ingredients - including the ingredients that are less than 10 percent (and not required to be listed) and (including all the ingredients listed in the word "Fragrance").   

We are working at getting the hair color laws to change, so they must list and show ALL of the ingredients to the Consumer,  not just the ones that SOUND GOOD for advertising purposes.  The industry is slowly changing, but it takes time. A professional is provided the full list of ingredients, nore than any consumer would be able to obtain.  And the ingredients Lists are different, most of the time vastly different.  From the Consumers List   and the Salonists List of Ingredients. 

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